Targeting the right home buyers when selling your house

Targeting Home Buyers
Targeting Home Buyers

Sometimes one analysis lost in the scramble of preparing a house for sale is asking the question, “what type of buyer is most likely going to buy my house?”  If the odds are weighted toward a particular type of buyer, there may be some things we can do to the house to make it more appealing.  It makes sense.  You’re going to get a completely different group of  buyers looking a high-rise condo in downtown Cleveland as you would if you’re listing a 3,000 square foot home on the lake in Bay Village.  Decluttering and keeping the home spotless are priorities no matter what type of buyer you’re targeting.  But let’s look at three types of buyers and ways you might be able to appeal to them: singles, young buyers with families, and empty nesters.


The most important living spaces for singles are their bedrooms and the living areas.  This is typically where they spend the majority of their time while at home.  Don’t worry about staging the dining room table with your best china.  They aren’t going to care.  Focus on a modern decor.  Emphasize any technology you have in the house.  Examples would be ipods, flat screen tvs, wireless technology, and laptops.  Upgrades to a house don’t always need to revolve around features.  Show them things to help them visualize themselves being able to live in your home with their “stuff”.

Young Families with Children (or planning to have children)

You need to give these buyers the impression that you have plenty of living space and storage.  Most likely one of their primary considerations for moving is that they need more space.  Get rid of any unnecessary furniture to make rooms look bigger.  Maybe remove an extra chair or a coffee table in the living areas, particularly in rooms that have a television.  Don’t worry about hiding all of the toys, these buyers want to know where their kids are going to be able to play.  Just keep the toys tidied up.  Clear out the closets, show them you have tons of extra storage.  Also, straighten up the garage.  Emphasize how you have room to store kid’s equipment but also still have room for lawn equipment and cars.

Empty Nesters and Those Looking to Downsize

These buyers want to maintain a high quality of life, upgrades are important to them.  Highlight updated kitchens and baths.  Installing new cabinet hardware, towel bars, and toilet paper holders are easy upgrades.  Newer appliances are also a big hit.  Lighting is crucial as well.  Highlight living areas with a lot of natural light coming into the room.  Put higher wattage bulbs in your lamps to may rooms brighter.  Before showings, make sure you open up all the blinds and window treatments, again to let in natural light.

Colors are important no matter what demographic you’re targeting.  Neutral colors appeal to the greatest number of buyers, but don’t be afraid to use color accents to make a room pop and feel more lively.  Simple items like throw rugs, books, vases, pictures, and candles can be used to accomplish this.  New curtains might be the most effective way to do it as the eye is naturally drawn to the windows in a house.

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