Medina County Property Tax Rates (2016)

Multiply the market value of the home by the number listed below to determine the approximate Real Property Taxes in each community. This figure does not include any special assessment charges or delinquent taxes due.

The tax year 2016 is payable in year 2017.

Example: Annual Taxes on a home in Wadsworth City WCSD $100,000 x 1.86% = $1,860.00

City, Village or Township Tax*
Brunswick Hills Twp BCSD 2.01%
Brunswick Hills Twp HLSD 1.81%
Brunswick City BCSD 1.73%
Chatham Twp CLSD 1.57%
Granger Twp HLSD 1.58%
Granger Twp MCSD 1.98%
Guilford Twp CLSD 1.59%
Guilford Twp WCSD 1.83%
Rittman City RCSD 1.74%
Rittman City CLSD 1.56%
Seville Village CLSD 1.70%
Harrisville Twp CLSD 1.56%
Harrisville Twp NLSD 1.37%
Lodi Village CLSD 2.03%
Hinckley Twp HLSD 1.70%
Hinckley Twp BCSD 1.90%
Homer Twp BRLSD 1.71%
Lafayette Twp CLSD 1.61%
Lafayette Twp MCSD 2.06%
Litchfield Twp BLSD 1.63%
Liverpool Twp BLSD 1.54%
Medina Twp MCSD 2.06%
MedinaTwp HLSD 1.66%
Medina City MCSD 1.97%
Medina City BLSD 1.54%
Montville Twp. MCSD 2.11%
Montville Twp HLSD 1.71%
Montville Twp WCSD 1.90%
Sharon Twp HLSD 1.65%
Sharon Twp MCSD 2.05%
Sharon Twp WCSD 1.84%
Spencer TwpBRLSD 1.54%
Spencer Village BRLSD 1.75%
Wadsworth Twp WCSD 1.80%
Wadsworth Twp RCSD 1.73%
Wadsworth City WCSD 1.74%
Westfield Twp CLSD 1.52%
Westfield Twp NLSD 1.33%
Gloria Glens Village CLSD 1.76%
Westfield Center Village CLS 1.45%
York Twp BLSD 1.58%
Medina City CLSD 1.51%
Creston VillageNLSD 1.46%
Chippewa Lake Village CLSD 1.76%
Wadsworth City HLSD 1.55%
Medina City / York Twp BLSD 1.58%
Seville Village / Guilford Twp CLSD 1.72%
Seville Village / Westfield Twp CLSD 1.57%
Medina CityLafayette Twp MCSD 2.12%
Creston Village / Westfield Twp N. Central Schools 1.37%
Wadsworth City / Wadsworth Twp WCSD 1.86%
Wadsworth City / Sharon Twp HLSD 1.72%


Meaning Abbreviation
Brunswick City School District BCSD
Buckeye Local School District BLSD
Black River Local School District BRLSD
Cloverleaf Local School District CLSD
Highland Local Schools HLSD
Medina City School District MCSD
Rittman City School District RCSD
Wadsworth City School District WCSD

*Tax as a Percentage of Market: a simple percentage used to estimate total property taxes for a home.