Lorain County Property Tax Rates (2016)

Multiply the market value of the home by the number listed below to determine the approximate Real Property Taxes in each community. This figure does not include any special assessment charges or delinquent taxes due.

The tax year 2016 is payable in year 2017.

Example: Annual Taxes on a home in Lorain City / Vermilion $100,000 x 1.83% = $1,830.00

Community/School District Tax*
Amherst Twp/Firelands LSD 1.69%
Amherst Twp/Elyria CSD 2.33%
Amherst Twp/Oberlin CSD 1.84%
Amherst Twp/Amherst EVSD 2.00%
Amherst City/Firelands LSD 1.65%
Amherst City/Amherst EVSD 1.97%
Amherst Twp/S. Amherst Village/Firelands LSD 1.65%
Avon City/Avon LSD 2.07%
Avon Lake City/Avon Lake CSD 2.20%
Brighton Twp/Wellington EVSD 1.88%
Brownhelm Twp/Firelands LSD 1.68%
Brownhelm Twp/Vermilion LSD 1.80%
Brownhelm Twp/Vermilion City Firelands LSD 1.88%
Brownhelm Twp/Vermilion City Vermilion LSD 2.00%
Lorain City/Firelands LSD 1.71%
Camden Twp/Firelands LSD 1.75%
Camden Twp/Kipton Village/Firelands LSD 1.95%
Carlisle Twp/Keystone LSD 2.01%
Carlisle Twp/Midview LSD 2.06%
Carlisle Twp/Elyria CSD 2.37%
Carlisle Twp/Oberlin CSD 1.88%
Columbia Twp/MidviewLSD 2.11%
Columbia Twp/Olmsted Falls CSD 2.54%
Columbia Twp/Strongsville CSD 2.12%
Eaton Twp/Midview LSD 2.02%
Eaton Twp/Columbia LSD 2.04%
Elyria Twp/Elyria CSD 2.39%
Elyria Twp/Keystone LSD 2.03%
Elyria City/Elyria CSD 2.25%
Elyria/Midview LSD 1.95%
Grafton Twp/Midview LSD 2.07%
Grafton Village/Midview LSD 1.99%
Henrietta Twp/Firelands LSD 1.74%
Huntington Twp/Black River LSD 1.86%
LaGrange Twp/Keystone LSD 1.98%
LaGrange Village/Keystone LSD 2.06%
Lorain City/Lorain CSD 2.21%
Lorain City/Amherst EVSD 1.99%
Lorain City/Vermilion LSD 1.83%
Lorain City/Clearview LSD 2.15%
Penfield Twp/Keystone LSD 2.10%
Pittsfield Twp/Keystone LSD 2.03%
Pittsfield Twp/Oberlin CSD 1.90%
Pittsfield Twp/Wellington EVSD 1.76%
North Ridgeville/North Ridgeville CSD 2.21%
Rochester Twp/New London LSD 1.58%
Rochester Twp/Mapleton LSD 1.61%
Rochester Twp/Wellington EVSD 1.77%
Rochester Village/New London LSD 1.69%
Rochester Village/Wellington EVSD 1.88%
New Russia Twp/Keystone LSD 1.90%
New Russia Twp/Firelands LSD 1.61%
NewRussia Twp/Oberlin CSD 1.77%
New Russia Twp/S. Amherst Village/
Firelands LSD
Oberlin City/Oberlin CSD 1.99%
Sheffield Twp/Clearview LSD 2.37%
Sheffield Lake City/Sheffield Lake CSD 2.56%
Sheffield Village/Sheffield Lake CSD 2.34%
Wellington Twp/Wellington EVSD 1.81%
Wellington Twp/Wellington Village/
Wellington EVSD
Lorain City/Elyria CSD 2.34%
Elyria City/Keystone LSD 1.88%

*Tax as a Percentage of Market: a simple percentage used to estimate total property taxes for a home.