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expired listings in Cleveland Ohio

“Why didn’t my house sell?” It’s a common question.  Unfortunately, you’re probably visiting this page because your listing agreement just expired with your current real estate agent and your home did not sell.   I’d be willing to guess you’re feeling a wide range of emotions.  Anger, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and maybe confusion.  Maybe you blame your last Realtor.  Whatever the situation, it most likely was not your fault (unless you constantly turned away showings or didn’t keep the home in showing condition).  It could be that you didn’t get the proper guidance on preparing your home for sale.  It’s possible that the initial analysis on pricing was off.  The marketing and quality of photos could have been sub par.  Or your online exposure could have been limited.

I assure you the problem can be fixed, but something needs to change, and a good place to start is with your real estate agent.  I’ll never say another Realtor does a poor job, but we all do things a little differently.  If you keep trying the say things over and over again, what’s going to change?

I enjoy the challenge of working with expired listings.  It’s a very satisfying accomplishment to sell a home when a peer could not.  I have the same goal as you, to get the house sold.   I use the latest techniques to market your home, not myself!  Here are a few things I offer to expired listing home sellers:

>> Pre-listing home preparation consultation
>> Professional photography by a real estate specialist
>> Feedback surveys and follow up after every showing
>> Short listing agreement with an exclusive 1-Day Listing AgreementYou can fire me at any time, no questions asked
>> Consistent, proactive communication throughout the process
>> Heavy internet presence on all major real estate sites
>> Timely market updates
>> Highly targeted Facebook/Google demographic ads
>> Glossy property flyers
>> Reverse prospecting (searching other agent’s MLS database for potential buyers)

An aggressive online marketing plan that includes listing syndication to hundreds of web sites, 3D virtual tour, and a video posted to YouTube.com.

I’d love the opportunity to see your home in person to give a consultation.  Fill out the form below and we can set up a confidential appointment.  Even if you decide to re-list with your current agent, or if you’re going to keep the house off the market for a while, it couldn’t hurt to get another opinion.  You’re welcome to use any advice or tips I give regardless of what direction you head in!  No pressure, no obligations.  See what some of my past clients have said about my services.

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