Make Finding a Home Faster With These 4 Apps

4 Apps That can Make House-Hunting Easier

These days, you may not need to spend hours scoping out homes to sort out the ones you really want to see. When you have all the information at your fingertips, you can more easily research the details of homes for sale and make a decision. With these four apps for home buying, you can do the bulk of the work from the comfort of your smartphone.

1. Google Maps

Sometimes, the app you need the most may be the one that is already on your phone. Every year, Google Maps adds greater functionality to its incredibly popular app, and you can take advantage of these updates during your search for a home. You can use the app to select a specific area for further review. Make your own notes about properties or shops that you would like to visit, as you plan your future life in the neighborhood. You can even use the satellite images to outline the property or take measurements of the exterior, to determine if the home will be appropriate for your lifestyle.

2. Doorsteps Swipe

In other cases, you know so little about the region that you need some help getting started. You might benefit from the download of Doorsteps Swipe, an app created by the experts at Create a profile and outline your demographic details, interests and the place where you want to move. The app takes your information and your budget and makes recommendations for neighborhoods to check out and homes available for sale. You can swipe to save listings that you particularly like, so you remember which ones you want to go visit in person.

3. Homesnap

Buying a home is often a collective venture, and the designers of Homesnap understand that. They realize that you need to be able to collaborate with your household and most importantly, your real estate agent. With Homesnap, you can communicate with people about particular listings from within the app, even in a group message that everyone can see. Take pictures and share them with others, whether the home you are looking at is listed for sale or not. The app saves all your notes, so that you have a comprehensive record of every home you are currently considering.

4.Ā Mortgage Estimation Apps

Finding financing for the home of your dreams is just as important as the process of house-hunting. For that, no one wants to have to wait until they get home to punch in the list price of a property so they can determine if they could afford the monthly payments. With apps like Zillow Mortgages, buyers can receive detailed information about home affordability, the latest mortgage interest rates, and a breakdown of a monthly mortgage payment based on terms you put in.

This research can help you make quicker decisions about the right amount for a purchase offer, and plan out the type of loan that is best for your needs. Of course, it is advised to get pre-approved before getting into the bulk of house hunting, but this can be a good starting point.

When it comes to buying a home, using your computer is just one tool you have for your search. There are dozens of apps out there designed to make your research and decision-making faster, more efficient and even more exciting. Use these four apps to find homes in your target area, share listings with your household or agent, or even figure out the right kind of mortgage for you.

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